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May 11, 2010


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no i have never heard of them.that is cool how they were from ag

Yeah, since I got a lot of AG magazines from Ebay and they are mostly older issues, they have Amelia stories in them. I also got some books from the library before.

when I said books from the library, I meant Amelia notebook books!

i have started reading them like last year or so and i agree they are super awesome!!!!! they talk about her life and growing up. i love them! i was looking around the library and i saw the amelia books and i was like "ooh, wat r these about?" then i looked inside them and then i began to like it!!! and the mini amelia items like the doll, book, and bookbag r perfect for ur ags!!!!!!! im going to the ag place in nyc for my friends bday and im invited!!! were gonna shop, eat in the cafe, and get one of our dolls hair done(sam for me!). i have $170 to spend. the items im getting r:
lanies butterfly outfit
lanies garden outfit
lanies nightgown
back to school set
sparkly hair pick
and possibly a goodybag! also the stuff from the cafe. i cant wait!!!! nicki ps my girlies r soooooo excited!!!!!!

Wow! That's really neat! What a great find!

Hey Liz!
that is soooo cool i love the books and the fact that you found this makes me wankt one too! was there any more where you got it cuz i really want this now too!

Hey Liz!

That is soooooo cute! I've read them before and they're great!

I LOVE those books! They are really funny! That doll is cute, it reminds me of a Milly-Molly-Mandy doll that I got with a book, which now belongs to Kendal (girl bitty twin!)

I used to read those! They are so cute, aren't they? They have Amelia videos, too, you know.

I've read all the ones my public library, plus I own a couple :)
That is SO awesome Liz, looks like fun!

Charlotte :)

Ps. One of the ones I have is from AG.
Have you ever heard of the BackpackBooks from AG?
I have one (#11) called "Sip & Slurp"
I has a bunch of smoothies and Ice cream sundae recepies!
I love all the AG books!

I've read them all, they're so cool and funny!! My Library carries them so I checked them out from there. I think I'll look for that kit somewhere ;)

Wow, what a great find, Liz! :)
I have heard of them before. I've read parts of it before. Some things in it are really funny! LOL The little Amelia doll is really cute!

Oh, oh, Liz! I am jealous! In fact, I like, JUST got into the Amelia books like a month ago and couldn't let go of them since. I might even get an American Girl Doll JLY, cut her hair, and name her Amelia. In fact, I was getting on the computer now after finishing "Amelia hits the road" to go on the AG site to pick out a doll if I did do that. Then I decided to check your site.

Bye, everyone! I am going to look for this on Ebay! :)

I LOVE the Amelia stories! I have some really old AG magazine that were my sisters when she was my age, and the Amelia stories are in them. That's Really cool, Liz!

Hi i went to the agp yesterday and it wuz AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! we sadly didnt go to the cafe bcuz it wuz 2 crowded in there!!!!!! man, mayb next time. i got lanies hair done in a double decker ponytail and she is still currently in it. lanie's displays were EVERYWHERE and my lanie took a picture with her twin (aka another lanie) both wearing the butterfly outfit. lanie's garden outfit wasn't available sadly. i got:
lanie's nightgown
lanie's butterfly outfit
agp ny pink shirt with a star for dolls and girls (i got a medium shirt)
agp red hoodie
THE BUBBLE SKIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i luv everything i got!!!!! we ate at mcdonalds instead for lunch.

I remember seeing the books in the 90's AG catalogs but have never read any of them. That's a great find though!

i have about 5 Amelia books. they are not my favorite but still cute to read and when i was younger and the Amelia stories were in the AG Magazine my best friend who did not like american girl that much would all ways barrow my magazine so she could read the Amelia story in it. i still like to get the books at Half Price Books when i find them


Awe! What a cute doll! She could be a little sister for your AG dolls!

Amelia has a short cartoon movie. She was and is my favorite character from any book I have read. Cleo is so funny.

Hi there! Found your blog and wondered if any of your bloggers would be interested in a similar case/doll/books??

Here is a link:

I have read the books since 2nd grade. I have one of the Amelia books. It is "Amelia's Sixth Grade Notebook". I found it at boarders. You can check out their website at . The author, Marissa Moss, also writes the series "Max and Alien Eareaser" and Daphne's Notebook".

no way this was an american girl book! I loved these books way before i knew about AG this is so cool!

Yes! My library at school has some!

I love these books

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