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July 16, 2010


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Hi Liz,

This sounds so cool. Can't you like "email" eachother on InnerStar U? I think it is like the Club, you have to have be friends. I ordered a Campus Guide but haven't gotten it yet. Be sure to tell us what your user name is so we can contact you on InnerStar U or incase we run into you:)

That is so cool Liz!I want to order it right now!(But my mom is too busy right now. :P )

Hey Liz!
That's awesome!!!!! What is in the two boxes?

hey the preview is awesome. i ordered the campus guide and i can't wait to get it.

WOW! That is awesome, Liz! I heard that you didn't have to buy a doll, and now I know for sure! I'm going to try and order a campus guide too! I tried playing the free games today on Inner Star U and I looked around the campus! It was fun! Thanks for telling me about it!

That's cool!!!!:) Do you get to pick which doll you get on Inner Star U???

Hi Liz, I got mine today too :) I already put my code in . It is so cute . I haven't played any games yet though. I am so excited. The necklace is so cute. I am saving my money up to buy some outfits. My favorite is the Plaid one :)


Yay! Wow, it looks so fun and cool! Since I live in Ireland and AG doesn't send stuff here, I sent it to my Grandma (she lives in the US). I think I will ask her to open it and tell me the codes, so I don't have to wait that long. How many codes are on that, again?

Sorry, one more question! A video on said that you have to buy a My American Girl doll in order to get full access to InnerStar U! :(

Hi Girls! Thank you so much for the comments! I am glad that some of you ordered the InnerStar U Campus Guide too! Once you get them, we should meet up on InnerStar U with our virtual dolls!

Lily-I think you can "email" each other, but probably the words are sensored-so that it's safe. :) I will be sure to tell you all my username when I get my account activated! :)

Jasmine-The two InnerStar University Guides were in the boxes. I thought it was nice that they came in those! :)

Liddy-I have heard that you can pick the doll you want on InnerStar U-but make sure you know what virtual girl is the doll you want. I think they only show the virtual girls and not the My American Girl dolls that go with them. :)

Hannie-There are two codes. One is a Star Code and it is inside the InnerStar U guide. The other one is a Doll Code and it is on the back of the InnerStar U guide. This InnerStar U Guide is I think the exact same thing you get with a doll! So, it gives you full access too! :)

If you all have any more questions let me know! I would be happy to help! :)

I hope you all have a great day-and have fun on InnerStar U! :)


I ordered mine today!!!!

Wow, Liz! Thanks for showing us! I guess that's what I'm doing when I get my allowance.LOL! And it's freeeeeeeee shipping!

Hey! Im so ordering this guide! Im going to start calling my just like you doll Sabrina a my american girl doll :) Im going to use her virtual self on Innerstar U so that its like I bought a doll and the codes!


Cool! Thanks for the post, if I wouldn't have saw it I wouldn't of ordered it yesterday! Also, I love the backgroung on your message board!

I'm confused. So with the Campus Guide, will you get full access to Innerstar University? I hope you do, because I do NOT have the money to buy a $95.00 doll.

Hi Girls! I am so happy that you all are getting the InnerStar U Campus Guide! I activated my account today, and InnerStar U is awesome! I hope to show you all pictures of it soon! :)

Grace-The InnerStar U Campus Guide gives you full access online at InnerStar University. The Campus Guide that you can buy for $10, is the same thing that comes with the new My AG Dolls. :) It does get confusing!I hope I helped! :)

Have a great day! :)


Thanks for telling us Liz! I do not have the room (or money) for another doll, so this is awesome, and I wouldn't have found out if it weren't for you!

Ooh. That is pretty cool!

Thanks Liz!

I want the guide sooo bad! but i save up!

Liz-When I ordered mine Saturday they said you'd get limited access unless you had bought a JLY within 9 months. I got one for Christmas, so I get the full access. My friend ordered the Campus Guide Sat. and she hasn't gotten a JLY in three years. Does that mean she doesn't get full acess? I saw what you said to Grace, but the lady on the phone at American Girl said that you you'll have limited access if you haven't gotten a JLY doll within the past 9 months. The lady on the phone must have been confused!:)

Liddy-I would think that you would get full access, because either way you get the Campus Guide through buying a doll or getting it for $10 is the same thing. I don't know how they would be able to tell if you had not gotten a JLY-since the codes are the same. :) If it only gave you limited access that wouldn't really make sense...hmm.

Have a great day! :)


Thanks Liz!!!!!!! That lady on the phone must have been mistaken!!:)

Thanks for posting the link! I couldn't find the page to buy it on their website.
I hope I can buy one!

That outfit on Mia is so cute! Glad to here you got the package, I may order it too!

I got the innerstar u campus guide!!!

I love the outfit Mia is wearing in your pictures. Which outfit did the leggings come with?

Thank you all for the comments! I am glad I could help some of you find the link to buy the InnerStar U Campus Guide! :)

Marjorie-I am glad you like it! The leggings came with the American Girl Place Pajamas! I bought the Pajamas 2 years ago when I went to American Girl Place Chicago! You can see pictures of the Pajamas and other pictures here...

Have a great day! :)


Thank you! How did you find out about this? I went to your link and bought the campus guide right away. However when I went back to the AG website and typed in "Campus Guide" in the search column, nothing came up. Just curious as I have talked to several sales reps over the phone over the past few days and not one mentioned this option to me for my daughter. She has four historical dolls and I could not force myself to buy another just to get online.

Thanks again!

hey liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is angel sometimes i comment using Pumpkinn:) Just Letting you know that pumpkinn:)'s Not my real name my real name is angel I have a question Am i eligible to win one of the outfits for the contest? because i'd love to win! i really need the clothes all my dolls have are the clothes they came with and things that 'ive gound that fit please ! reply ps i go on your website every day! pss. How can i win the outfit? thanks for all your help , angel

i bought the campus guide yesterday and it didnt come yet i orderded it to my grandmas house in south carolina because im there for the summer i hope that only campus guide will work

Thanks a great deal! I truly enjoyed reading this.Searching through these posts and also the details you've provided I can appreciate that I still have lots of things to learn.

Thanks a lot Liz! I wanted to play Innerstar U so badly, but I already have two dolls and I couldn't get another one. Thanks to you, I found this and ordered the Campus Guide. Thanks!

By the way, which doll is yours?

Rain-Your welcome!! I am glad I was able to help! The doll that I play with on InnerStar U is the American Girl Doll with Light skin, Caramel hair, and Blue eyes. I don't own the doll, but she is my mini me! :)

Have a great day!


That's so awesome! Thanks a bunch! I never knew about the campus guide, but with your help, I was able to convince my dad to get one for me.

Thanks again!

i want to get a campus guide but I can't... I'm really dissapointed

The offer has ended anyway. Do u think american girl would give another offer? I know I'm also dissapointed. :'(

That's awesome!!! But i missed it too! I wish I had heard about this!!! Oh well I might be getting a JLY/MAG eventually so.... that's good! Is it worth it, or is it kinda lame?

offer ended, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! what do i do now? My mom ordered the doll but we had no idea that the campus guide is seperate!!
where can we buy one?

Hi guys check out my blog at
It's not all about American Girl, but I think it's a pretty good blog and no one had commented on it yet...
CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where did you get that outfit. It is so cute I love it

i know so do i

i have a little booklet but it just comes with the charm i dont have the necklace or the campus guide and i was looking forward for the online doll what do i do?

Can i have some american girl star code and doll code? pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could u please send me the codes for Innerstar U?

omg that outfit is so cute where did you get it i want t so bad! p.s. people cheak first cause i do think you get only limited acess when you but a guide.i think you have to geta doll. :( its ok im sad to :'(
ill have to check.

Hey liz can you send a valid code on the computer for me? Ill give you anything you want.And one more question how old are you?

Sorry to bother you again. But. What state do you live in?

can u tell me a code cuz i prob cant get one for x-mass cuz my dad lost his job and i dont think i can get an American Girl Doll for x-mass

where do u order the campass guide i mean i have 2 dolls but they didnt come with the campass guide and i really want 2.......

Hey I wanna free star code >:[

Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!!!!! post the codes!!!!!!!!! I'm begging you guys!!!!!!!!!

do you have to buy the doll and the guid seperate? please respond

I got the campus guide and it took for ever to com in. And i just got it yesterday but i ordered monthes ago so when i put the coads in it didnt work and i did it right. What should i do? Please help!!!!

I searched codes and this is what came up and it made ma mad because i wanted to know a code and you blanked it out.

Awwwww, I'm so sad that the offer ended because I didn't know about this site then. I really wanted to play on "My American Girl". Now I can't play! AND I KNOW MY parents won't buy it! :( (Means sooooooooo sad!)

PLZZ, PLZZ PLZZZZZZZ give me a star code! And a doll code!!! Runs out of air! Can't breathe!

WE WANT CODES, WE WANT CODES! PLZZZZZZZ! I begging you I'm gonna die!!! Chants the chant 'We want codes!' WE WANT CODES!

Hi! It's me, I sometimes use Amber136 and my real name is alice. Names starting with A are soooo popular!

Hey! I am new on this site and I love Amercian Girl dolls. I want to get on but I don't have a code. I'm sad... :(

hey i need the star code and doll code plzzzzz like now

that is so cool

I think it's cool that u have a web site like this !
I like it a lot it is vary fun to do when u have free

What is the code to the campus guide?

hi Liz! This is soooo GREAT! I am sooooo going to ask now! But when does it end?


how do i get a star and doll code?

Hi I am not able to get on innerstar U university and I am so sad I really want to!

Whats ur star code and doll code?

can i have a code please!

please tell me a star code I don't have star doll and I cant afford 1

can I have a code please

Hi guys.I just wanted to let you know that AmericanGirl passwords ar getting taken. Please be careful with your password at all times.

Mallory P.

how do you get in step by step thanks

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