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August 01, 2010


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I've been to the Atlanta one twice!!! It was great!! What I love about the store is just the rows and rows of clothing and doll boxes!!!!!!!!:D


OMG! my cousins live in Kansas city and we go to visit them a lot. In fact, I'm leaving today to drive there! I wonder if I can go at Christmastime to the store! Cool! Thanks for sharing!


I go to the one in NYC about once a month and I just love everything about AG Place from the salons to the cafe.
Liz, please check out my blog!!!

That's awesome! I hope American Girl can make another place in or near Maryland soon! I have never been to an AG place because they are all to faraway from me. :(

This is exciting! I've been to AG in Dallas in November 2008 (where I got my lovely #23, Adrienne) and to AG in New York in June 2009. I might go to Dallas again this fall, I'm not sure though.

I've been to Atlanta several times, New York once, and Chicago twice... I LOVE it every time I go!!! It's sooo magical!

i've never been, too far, too expansive.

I went to the one in NYC 3 times..... Well the 1st two times I actually spent more time in the agp and then the 3rd time I just went bcuz I had 2 get some stuff in the store..... Here's wat I got each time I went:

1st time
star hoodie dress for girls
coconut (the old set)

2nd time
lanie's nightgown
lanie's butterfly outfit
bubble skirt
agp pink shirt w/ star
agp berry doll hoodie

3rd time
Chocolate glasses (brown w/ a tint of blue)
everyday accessories (the one tht u can get seperate 2 go w/ the innerstar university outfit)

Thank you all for the comments! I love hearing what American Girl Place(s) you have been too!! :)

Haley-If you are ever are in an area where an American Girl Place is you should take the opportunity to go! American Girl Place is almost like a museum-just going to look around is fun! Plus, you can go and not spend money! Just the experience is worth it! :D

Hope you all have a great day! :)



I have been to the ones in NY, Atlanta and MOA. I am sooo excited about the Kansas store! I have a lot of family right near it and it is not too long of a drive!

Heehee, thanks for the plug, Liz. ^^

Kansas City is made up of a lot of little cities all smashed together, so it's confusing for everyone, trust me. The new AG place is going to be in Overland Park, KS.

I live really far away from all the stores, so I've never been to an american girl store! We're planning on going this fall to the store in L.A. I hope soon they make a store in Seatle!!!

Wat stuff did u guys get when u go 2 the agp???

Hey!I am going VERY soon (August 17!)I is my first time!I am going to the one in Chicago!By the way my Campus Guide came today and i was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime or something like that!My name is Nicki59!

Wow you are so lucky!!!!! Do you know any of the other states there puting them in?

I went to the American Girl Place a couple of days a go!It was a blast!I got a souviner dress,the Outdoor Play Outfit(its sooo cute!)Some glasses,(those are probably one of my fav things!),Psst Secret Instructions Every Girl Should Know book,and a scrapbook to keep all my photos and memories in!

We love to visit different American Girl stores when we are on vacation. We have been to the Chicago and the New York City stores. We were in NYC on the opening day of that store!

If you go to this new Kansas store on opening day, they might be handing out free things like they did for the NYC opening!

I am currently out of city but I had there on the opening day. I agree with you they gives many free thing to buyers at this time..

They are building one in Tysons Corner, Virginia too! It is to be opened Fall 2011

i always wanted one to be in philadelphia....
ps. I am from pennsylvania

i did not hear about that
i didn't get a new american girl doll book .

You know, AG should build an American Girl Place in every single 50 states there is in America, so every girl could be in it. Or at least in 20 states. Because in the holidays the top AG places are always very crowded because it's not spreaded out nicely, if you know what I mean. Good thing my school had a week off (two weeks ago) and I was able to go to the one in Los Angeles! (I live in San Fransisco) It wasn't very crowded! I got my first doll (Julie) and her calico dress and matching pajamas (for me and her), her bed (yeah it was expensive, hugely, but it's totally worth it), her sound accessories, plus an American Girl Los Angeles pajamas. It was totally cool! I enjoy playing with her!

i want to go there sooooooooooooooooooooooooo BAD! Ive already been to the one in Dallas i just love American girl dolls!

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