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April 12, 2011


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DO GOTY have birthdays? I have Nicki, so I would love to know hers!


Thanks so much, Liz! I have Felicity, Nellie, Addy, and Kanani! This was so helpful!

Thank you, Liz!!!! Now I know when Felicity's birthday is. Thanks again.

Thank you so much Liz!!!!!!! I have Felicity, Samantha, and Rebecca.I am so glad to know there birthdays!!!!!!! thanks again!!!!!!!


Thanks! This is really helpful!

Thanks SO much Liz!!! This is great!!! :)

That's really cool. Me, my sister, and my cousin have started celebrating our dolls birthdays. My cousin and I both have Felicity and we knew her birthday was in spring,so we decided on April. Then I read Traitor in Williamsburg and found out her birhtday WAS in April, on the 21st. Thanks for telling the other's birthdays.

Oh, thxs Liz! I have 4 dolls (in the order I got them in) Nellie, Samantha, lanie, and kanani. I want MAG 49 so bad!!!!

I have Samantha and Kit of the Historicals'... :) But I celebrate their Birthdays of when I got them! :D

Haha! Both of my Historicals' Birthdays are in May! :D

So cool! u know why? Be cause Felicity (shes coming in the mail) is going to be here the 14th! I never knew when her birthday was until just now. Now I know that Felicity will arrive just days before her Birthday! Now me and my dolls can celibrate when her B-day comes! Thanks to you, Liz! ( :

Thank you Liz for listing these, so helpful. We can now celebrate my girl's bday. I'm so happy. I love this site, it has so much info. Hey Liz, I wanted to ask you something; I was looking at the curtdanhauser AG Doll Collecting site and found a Hallmark American Girl Binder, which was a 3 ring binder. I'm curious to what you was referring to: Did you mean you have that one and add your own info to it????

Hey Liz, delete my last message.... LOL I finally was able to click on the link Hallmark American Girl Binder. It's the same binder.. :) I have a lot of info I print also, hoping I can find the same binder maybe on ebay. Could you pm me with some links of where I can find ag info on the dolls and maybe anywhere I could find some of their retired items? Thank you so much. Julieanne

Thanks Liz!

Now I know Ivy's REAL birthday! But the birthday I made up for her was June 16th.

COOL, LIZ! I have Rebecca and Kirsten. I knew Kirsten's from reading her fourth book.

I would like to say I just love your site! And thanks for posting the historical AG dolls birthday!!! I have Felicity, Elizabeth, Julie, Ivy, Kit, and Kirsten. And I have Kanani, Lanie, Jess, Mia and Lizzie(jly)!

Hee heee! My birthday is one day before Felicity's! It's April 20!

Hi Liz! Thanks so much for posting this, now I know my doll, Elizabeth, was born on November 5th! :)

liz i have a question for you, when should kanani's birthday be?

That is so cool that Ivy and Julies birthday are 1 day apart!

Omg i am so excited molly's b-day is soon! I am going to get her an outfit for a present!

You know, I think I will use the date I made up for Emily (May 2) because I want her birthday to be in the spring. But THANKS for posting this, Liz! :)

OMB! Felicity's birthday is 2 days bfore mine and Molly's is the day before mine!

Thanks, Liz! I have the mini dolls Samantha,Nellie,Felicity,Elizabeth,Kit,Ruthie,Kirsten,and Julie.:)

Hehe I orderd molly the day after her birthday :o
I couldve ordered her on her birthday but i couldnt make up my mind

Thank u 4 Posting! I have Ruthie Molly Emily Julie Kit Ivy Felicity and Elizabeth

My friend surprised me and got me Kaya!!!!

Very helpful.

Oh my gosh!!!!!! So cool!!!! Julie's b-day is 7 days before mine, and Molly's is exactly my dad's! I am so alike to Julie. We look alike, have birthdays in the similar time, her bff is chinese and loves gymnastics and one of my bff's is chinese and loves gymnastics. Their is alot so i can't name them all. Any way, way cool!

My B-day is April 21!

thank you so much! Do you know McKenna girl of the year's b-day?

Does anybody know when Cecile's birthday is. Liz posted on Memorial Day that it was her birthday, but I just want to double-check!!!

I just got Julie and her accessories for my birthday. Now I know her birthday is on May 1,1966. Though if I celebrated my dolls' birthday on the day I got them, Mattie's would be on Christmas and Julie's would be on my birthday.

hi there I have the historical characters and now I know when there birthdays are. but I also have Nicki, Sonali, and Lanie and I was wondering where I could find out where there birthdays are?

This is awesome! Can you update this? You know- add Marie-Grace and Cecile, and Caroline? It would be cool too if you would add the Girl of the Years too. I have Kanani and would love to know when her birthday is! Thanks!

Hi! I just discovered Marie-Grace and Cecile's birthdays!
Marie-Grace - March 3rd
Cecile - May 28th

I still don't know the Girl of the Years though. Maybe you could look it up, Liz? And also add the two I listed so it's not in a comment. Thanks!

Oh! Kaya is August 15th!

Jaclynn: Are you sure about Kaya's? Because, I've emailed AG and they said Kaya didn't have a EXACT date, just year, 1755.

Amelia Rose: Well it said that in a calendar I got with their catalog. It has all of their bdays in it. That's wierd that they said that though! Hmmm....

Awesome! It will be so fun tho celebrate my dolls b-day! Does anyone know where we can get girl of the year b-day info?


Carli: I have no idea! Maybe it says somewhere on the web? No clue :/
I want to know too!

OMG... Kit has the same birthday as me!!!

Can you find out the new historical doll's bdays and update this please? Thanks!

If you are looking for Caroline's it is October 22nd. I found this on a website called Living A Dolls Life. They have more but since you have Caroline I figured that is the one you wanted.

Carli: Thank you so much!

Carli: didn't you find out Kanani's birthdate? I can't find where you said it!

Hi! this was so helpful! Loved it. I have Samantha. she is so fun to play with and she makes a great friend.And it is soo cool that we share a name!!!!!!!

P.S. We have Samantha and Emily (plus Kanani).

I found this about Kanani, but I haven't had much luck with McKenna's yet.

Need to known caroline,s birthday. Thanks in advance for any help.

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