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October 31, 2012


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Hey Liz!
That is sooo cute! I can't wait to try it. I have been making doll food for my dolls alot!

So,cute. I thought I wood use mini candy bar rapers around clay. This wood be much cuter.=^..^=

kitty kat! lol


So cool! I'm going to make these! :)

That's so cute Liz! Happy Halloween everyone! :D

Couldn't you use real candy wrappers too?

It is a pretty good idea!

The names for your candy bars are cute!! I like "Kitty Kat"

Chocolate... *Dreaming* (^-^) Those are so cute, and they look yummy, too! :)

This perfect! I'm going to (just pretend) take my dolls to a halloween party tonight and was going to try to make some candy for them today! Thanks so much Liz and Hope!!

P.S. I'm also going to make some of your taffy!

P.P.S You guys are so stinkin' creative!

By the way; I love how you renamed them! very creative!

Yay I LOVE your doll recipes! This is SOOOOOO cute!

Very cool! I totally love this idea. Gonna have to look up some sugar free candy wrappers for my diabetic doll. ;)

This is SO cute! My dad has a color printer but the ink cartridges are expensive so I can't use it on fun Dolly stuff :(

I'm going to ask for some color ink cartridges for Christmas! xD Now THAT'S on odd Christmas persent! xD

Happy one-day-late Halloween, everybody! I went to a fall festival (more like trunk-or-treat)last night!

Thats super cute!! I love the kitty kat one, as in kit kat:) I also love what Cecile is wearing! where did you get that dress Liz?

Making some right now as we speak!

Can't wait to try!!!

I KNOW HOW I CAN MAKE SOME!!! i'll just use some construction paper for the candybar, and for the wrapper, foil like Liz and Hope used, and I'll cut out some yellow construction paper, and i have letter stickers so i can put "kitty kat" or something! YAY!

God'sGirl: Aw that stinks! LOL! That would be an odd present!

I just stayed home and watched The Incredibles! I love that movie!

God'sGirl: That's a very creative way! Good job!

Hello God'sGirl/Madcat: I hope that works! We have a color printer that I'm allowed to use, but it is NOT very good AT ALL! For my photography class I printed a photo of MtRushmore I took, and it looked like they were BLEEDING! And not to mention the blue ink. Seriously how did that get on there anyway?

Great idea, Liz!

SO CUTE AND ADORABLE! GREAT IDEA! I'm sooooooo doing these this halloween! :) Thanks Liz!

another great craft by liz! soo creative and im soo excited to make them cuz there soo easy!


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