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January 10, 2013


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Thanks for showing the hairstyle! I loooove her hair!:)

Oh my gosh Liz! You got Saige!

Do a photo shoot with her hair down and up!!!

So CUTE! I think I've tried to do something like that with Kanani's hair before but it didn't work. Now I know how to do it! Thanks for posting this, Liz! CONGRATS again! She's beautiful :)

Wow that is so cute! I am going to try it on my McKenna doll!

So cute! Before I knew how to do braids I did it really similar to this! Congrats on getting Saige!

I got Caroline for Christmas, and her hair is GORGEOUS! You just have to see it sometime.


I love it!

Saige is so pretty. :) I love that hairstyle. I might do it on Molly or Julie. :)


I love her my friend Hannah is going to get her no matter what like me but I entered a contest I hope I have a shot for winning!!!!L


Could you please tell me if her hair color is the same as Felicity's? My mom doesn't think I should get her cause she looks alot like Lissie. Please write back!!

I tried it on my doll Autumn. It looks amazing!

Autumn is the My American Girl doll with curly red hair and blue eyes. I also have Molly and Samantha.

Just tried this on Kanani. So cute! I can't take it out!

That looks adorable! too bad it won't work on Kit :(

Liz, is there anyway that it MIGHT work on Kit? Thanks. :P If it does it would probably be really hard to.

Thank you so much. My daughter ripped saige out of the box messing her hair up. I love this look because it shows her pretty earrings.

Amelia: I'm sure it would work! It just wouldn't look the same ;)

Jaclynn: From Liz's pics, it looks like their hair is similar. But if you want Saige you should get her. If it is necessary, you can make Saige and Felicity twins. I have Kit and MAG 27 and they are twins because the only difference is that Kit has freckles, and Abbie (MAG 27) sometimes wears glasses and her hair is a little longer. And if it really bothers you after you get her, then you can sell her or give her to a friend.
Hope this helps!

Yeah, I thought so! I know! I want her really bad! I also want the MAG though! UGH! So hadr to choose!

That would be a good idea, I would do that if I was getting them at the same time, but I've had Lissie since 2008 so it's kinda late to do that ;)
LOL! I don't think I could EVER get rid of or sell and AG doll! LOLOL! I know it sounds bad.. but they're too AMAZING!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
Thanks so much for your advice! I love hearing second opinions and getting advice from girls on here :)

Jaclynn: You're welcome! I know what you mean. I want Saige, or do I want Addy?

LOL! Exactly! SO hard to choose!!!
My grandpa had a good idea that I might try- and ,aybe it will help you too!
Write both of their names on a sheet of paper, and make columns of the different things you like about them. It might be easier to choose that way. I hope this will help me and you!

Jaclynn: Great idea! Gotta go write it down!

Jaclynn: That was an awesome idea! I tried it and I settled everything! Thanks again!

Hi, Carli!
I'm so glad it helped you! I still have to try it. My grandpa has some really good ideas sometimes! LOL! You're welcome :)

I got saige also and I want to say that its easier to twist them individually both to the right and twist them together to the left. Try it out!

I just got my Saige doll today in the mail! This is such a simple style that my other dolls will wear it also, not only Saige!

Now that I have Saige and her hair is out, I'm gonna have to follow these instructions! LOL! I want to put her hair back in it's original!

This worked great! Thanks SO much, Liz!

I just figured out how to do Saige's hairstyle on me! I think I will do that next time I got to an AG store, since we might be goin to the one in LA while were visiting my Dad's cousin Larry, who lives right by LA! I'm so excited!

That hairstyle is so cute!!! I don't know if my dolls' hair is long enough. How long is Saige's hair?


I like the idea of Lissie and Saige being twins! I have Felicity and she and Saige both have such pretty eyes :) I think Saige is cuter than Felicity because of her freckles.


I just tried it on Natalie, but it looks a little bad on my part. And it's thinner. I think Saige has more hair.


Carli: You're going to the one in LA!?!?!? If only we could meet each other! LOLOL!

Hey, Liz!
Have you done two braids in Saige's hair? I did, and they're SO LONG and BEAUTIFUL! And very smooth, too! LOL!

Jaclynn: Well, we would go to San Diego, and then go to dinner with my dads cousin who lives in Honeyton Beach...I think, but the weather looks like it dosen't get above senvety, and my mom wants to go somewhere warmer, but I wouldn't
care! Maybe, we could meet! You live pretty close to LA don't you?

You said that Saige has the longest hair out of all your dolls, did you mean if you pull the curls strait?

Carli: I live about an hour to an hour and a half away from there. It depends on the traffic. What month are you going in? I don't knowif my mom would want to take me or not cause it's so far. But maybe instead of buying Picasso online I could buy him in stores! LOL!

Jaclynn: Oh, okay. You live a lot closer to an AG store than I do! Well it isn't official, but if we were to go we would go in May, I don't know the specific date, but it really depends on the weather, my parents want to go somewhere warmer, but I want to go there! We'll probably start talking about it in late March or April, so I'm not sure we're going but I hope we do! I need a new AG store to experiance!

Carli: Yes, I live pretty close! I go there once a year on my birthday. I have gone twice before to get Kanani though but that trip was real quick cause we had to be back in time to pick up my brother from work- so that was disappointing :/
Haha! Yeah it gets really cold over here. Like at night it can get in the 30's in the day the coldest is probably 40's to 50's. But it get's super hot too! Over 100! LOL! The weather is always weird over here.
You would LOVE the LA one! It's so big and nice! the bottom floor is like books, salon, and some GOTY stuff. Upstairs are all the dolls and accessories!! It's simply gorgeous there!!

Jaclynn: I go to the AG store in Seattle generally once a year, but in 2012, I went for my birthday, for my friends birthday, and when we were visiting cousins. Aw, thats not fun! At least you got a doll though! Yeah, I know LA is down south, but when my parents want to go on vacation, they want 70 degrees at the least! But up here we have been getting sunny days and around fifty derees, which is hot here for the winter! I would love any AG store, but it would be fun to go to the one in LA. Oooh, a lot differant then the one in Seattle! You basiclly walk in, and as you look right, all it goes historical, and GOTY's then bitty babies and bitty twins, and in the way back is the hair salon. If you look to the left, you see the books, movies, and the bistro. It's really fun there but it's nice to have a change, and LA would be a good one!

Carli: WOW! You went alot that year! I know, that's true! I wanted to stay and look at everything but we couldn't :(
It's raining here right now. And it's cold. In May it should be really nice weather though! I don't think it's usually freezing or super hot at that time.
Oh wow! That IS different! So it's only one floor then? That's so weird! I assumed all of them had 2 floors! With how much there is I'd expect them all to be 2 floors. LOL

Jaclynn: It was allot, and I highly, highly doubt that I will go more than once this year. Yeah, the best part about goin to an AG store, besides getting a doll, I think is looking at the stuff! Really? Huh, we've been VERY lucky with some clear skies here, It was nice enough for me to take my grandmothers dog for a walk outside, and for being a fat dachshund, he went five laps around the house! Yeah, the first time I went to the one in Seattle I expected it to be two floors and huge sections for the HCs, GOTYs, and MAGs, but the 'sections' are shelves! Except for the GOTY, who gets a small corner. I did too, but just recently I learned that the store in NYC, has FOUR floors! Which to me, sounds like one floor for HC's and GOTYs, another floor for MAGs, one floor for bitty babies, and another floor for bitty twins, but I'm not sure about that...

Carli: I TOTALLY AGREE! Looking at everything is AWESOME!!! It gives me such a happy feeling! Besides being at Disneyland that's the other place that makes me happy! LOL!
Oh, wow! My dad was driving in hail today! That's the completely opposite from you!

Jaclynn: It is awesome! I've never been to Disneyland, I did go to Cancun Mexico and that was SO nice! HAIL?!?!?!?! Whoa, thats the opposite alright, I know! I do too! It probably won't happen anytime soon though...

Jaclynn: I just found out that we are going! AHHHH!!!!!!!! So excited!

Carli: Yep! Disneyland is AWESOME!!! It really IS the "Happiest Place On Earth"! LOLOL! We go there so much! It's so fun :D

Jaclynn: You're not going to believe why, but when I was little I HATED men in costumes, so Disneyland wasn't an option, but I'm kind of over that, but they still shock me a little! We might go by there while we're there, but I'm not exacly sure what our schedule is, except for the AG place in LA at some point!

Carli: I totally get that. When I first went to Disneyland when I was like 3- I was crying because I didn't want to meet Tigger! He scared me so bad! Like I did want to meet him but when I did I was so afraid!
That'd be cool if you went to Dland. It costs quite a bit of money though... LOL!

Jaclynn: Hmm...Maybe its in all kids! I wouldn't go to McDonalds, Chucky Cheese, or any placed where they have men in costumes. I'll bet it is expensive! When we went to Wild Life Safari, its a place where they let exotic animals in maybe three or four acres, and you get to drive in and see them, I can't remember how much it was! But it was worth it! We have a sun roof in our car, so I stood up there while taking pictures of a giraffe, and it got really close to our car! It was kind of scary though, how its head was three times the size of mine!

Carli: It might be! Aw, how sad!
Oh, yeah! Super expensive! LOL!
That sounds SO COOL! And yes, I bet it was scary!

Jaclynn: I know! All the fun places are expensive! It makes sense, but its also very annoying! It was but, I don't know if it would be something I would want to do every day, but it was a great experiance!

Carli: I know! It feels like everything I like/want is super expensive! LOL!

Jaclynn: It makes sense, but yet it doesn't make sense! Its very annoying sometimes!

Carli: I KNOW!! Ugh! LOLOL!

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