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February 06, 2014


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Awwww Ivy is such a cutie!
I am saving for Isabelle, #75, or Emily: )

Does anyone have any input n which one I should get?

Cute! I love Ivy! I don't know what doll I want next, I thinks its Isabelle or #56.

Congrats!! She is so cute!!

Kathryn P. I think you might want to get Emily because her prices only will get higher.

She's the second doll on my wishlist. The first is Isabelle.
HELP!!!! Do the little hook thingie's on her hair show when you put her hair in a ponytail or bun? Without the pink highlights? Please answer, ANYONE who has Isabelle!


Congratulations Liz! She is beautiful!! :)

My doll Kelsey got a mini-Ivy at Christmas and loves her. Welcome to the family, Ivy!

Congratulations Liz! The next doll on my wishlist is Josefina.

AW!!!!! Ivy is so cute! I love the Jess mold, it's SO pretty!
GodsGirl: Well, it depends on how you style her hair. They might, but you can totally play with the ponytail so they won't, and also, her hair is really difficult to put in a bun with the highlights in. I would suggest taking them out when making a bun :)
And there are also many other styles that you can try to make her highlights show that you can find on YouTube ;)
Hope I helped!

P.s, I LoVE her boots. I think I saw Elizabeth wear them for the fashion show you had.

cool im getting ivy in a few months

Congratulations, Liz! :). Ivy is such a cutie. <3

~Jan <3

i have ivy too!

congrats Liz

She is LOVELY!! Congrats, Liz! I don't have Ivy, but she is definitely on my wish list. Can't wait to see her in upcoming posts! :)

I love all of these pictures!! She looks like she is in EXCELLENT condition! I am SO happy for you, Liz :D

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