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February 01, 2014


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Thanks for answering my question! I wish they'd bring back Samantha and Nallie too, but.........
And, Hopw pronounced my name right the second time, so remember that!!! Yep, AG can do anything. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually brought back a retired doll for 1 month XD! Also Liz, you might want to add Ivy to your dolls profiles:). My question is: What's your advice for girls who want to start an Etsy shop?
Also, you skipped Aqua's question when you typed the answers:)

Haha, I don't like bugs either! There's something about them crawling around that scares me :P
Do you girls ski, or snowboard?
What do you think is the worst thing about AG?

I am so scared of wasps! They fly in my room in the summer because my window is a bit old : (
I love to bake also!!
what school curriculum did you use? What was your favorite?

here is my my question
have you ever gone some place out of the USA and if you have, have you been to Turkey

~Alyssa [the reason i mentioned Turkey is because i have been there]

LOL! My older sister (she's the oldest of us kids) is super short, too! She's in her 20's and I'm 14 and I'm almost taller than her :P
I love baking!! And I love cornbread, too. We actually had some last night! :) Oh, and, Liz, your chai tea sounds like how I make my hot cocoa. I put whip cream and cinnamon on top and it is SO good!
I also would want them to bring back Samantha and Nellie :(
Thanks for answering my question! I'm like you, Liz! Only I hate almost all bugs!! Spiders (I will only kill them if they're by my dolls), bees and wasps (we get attacked when we're in our pool) and just everything gross like that! I literally scream when something flies by me :P
Bloopers were SO hilarious!! :D
I'll comment soon with some questions ;)

That was a great q and a! I am kind of scared of caterpillars! Lol!
Here are my questions:

How many dolls do you have?
Which dolls do you have?
When did you start this site?


You and Hope are so pretty! (And funny)! :)

Oh, I forgot to say that I have played Flappy Bird on my brother's phone! It is really hard. I think I only got through 4. LOL! I think my brother got to... Hmm.. Can't remember. I think it was 40 something. He doesn't play it a lot though. It is a fun game! :)

When is you girl's birthday I really want to send you guys a card

Do you or hope like reborn baby

How often do you read Madison's blog, Delightful World of Dolls? I read it all the time! Well, besides you guys. :)
Thank you!

I LOVE FLAPPY BIRD!!!!!!! My question is, what are your top three favorite brands?

Do either of you have a favorite doll? :)

~Jan <3

We love to see you and Hope! You both are so sweet and beautiful! Thank you so much! :)
Melissa & Mommy

Liz, now that you have Ivy, what doll do you want now? And Hope, when do you plan on getting Ruthie?

Do you want to get Isabelle?

What is your favorite Girl of the Year doll?


Oh, my gosh, my brother got to 83 on Flappy Bird today! He played it for over an hour, LOL! :P

What ate some of your favorite songs.

Sorry I meant what ARE some of y'alls favorite songs?

what is your favorite brand of dolls beside AG?

What would be your worst nightmare?

That's so cool you guys donated to a relief fund for a tornado! If it was the Illinois one, that's the one my house blew away in!

How many dolls do you have?

Do y'all play sports??? If so what sport/sports?

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