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July 22, 2014


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Awww, Mini Caroline is too sweet, I love her :D It looks like Abbey loves her dollie a lot ;) I have Mini Felicity, Mini Cecile, and Mini Kirsten. My favorite Mini doll would have to be Mini Felicity, I love her face and her adorable mini-pincurls!

Aww,so sweet! I was planning on getting Mini Caroline. This really helped me decide to get her, because photos from someone who has her are always better than stock photos because then you can really see what they look like.
You are so awesome Liz!

That is so cute! I love how mini dolls can be a doll's doll. I have big Caroline and mini Caroline.

I have Mini Ivy, Mini Kit, Mini Rebecca, Mini Kaya, and Mini Caroline as well! I think out of all of them I like Mini Caroline! I love her dress!

Mini Marie(-Grace),for being nice to my brother.Mini Car-Car(pronounced:Care care)(Caroline,same exact Christmas, but from my parents!

I don't have any but I really want one
I love mini Caroline and mini josifina

I have mini Caroline, Ruthie, Rebecca, Saige, and Emily. I think my favorite mini is Caroline or Saige :)

I have mini Elizabeth, Josefina, and Caroline.

I don't have any mini dolls but my favorites would be Felicity and Samantha. They are all so cute. It was hard to choose!

My friend just got her! I have three minis! Mini Kit (who prefers to be called lil' Kit), Mini Saige, and Mini Cecile! I really like mini Isabelle and hope to get her soon, but I also like mini Kirsten and mini Felicity! :D

I have the mini Caroline, mini Elizabeth, and mini Josefina. I also have big Felicity, big Molly, big Kaya, and 2 My American Girl Dolls.

Cute! I have Mini Saige and Marie Grace, and I'm getting mini Ivy soon.

I have 3 mini american girl dolls; Kit, Caroline, and Saige. I love how American girl did mini Saige`s hair like the big doll!

Mini Caroline is so cute!

Mini Kirsten is the cutest thing ever! I so wish I had her.

I have mini cecile, josefina, felicity, Elizabeth, caroline, and Nellie. I think Mini Caroline is cute! I'm glad that I bought her!

I don't have a mini doll but your American girl doll is supper cute

I have a whole bunch of minis- Felicity, Elizabeth, Samantha, Ivy, C├ęcile, Kaya, Kirsten, and one of those 25th anniversary ones (Samantha)- and i love them all! Minis are so fun.

Mini Caroline is really cute! I'm thinking of getting her. I don't have any mini dolls yet and Caroline is my favorite mini doll.

Liz - what other mini dolls do you have?

Saige Evangeline, Grace Liana (Marie-Grace), and Lydia Ruth (Ruthie) are my mini dolls.


Caroline, Juliette (Julie), and Isabelle

I love the minis! I have mini-Emily, and will be looking everywhere for more!

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