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Hey Liz!!
Do you have any of the American Girl real beauty products? I do, but I'm sad they discontinued them. I was just wondering.:)

You have so mant ctalogs!I was wondering if they sell chrissa's freinds?Cause if they do I'm so saving for gueen.She looks just like me.

They are selling Chrissa's friends, Sonali and Gwen! I know I'm buying Chrissa very soon! But I do think AG should make more of Chrissa's friends in the movie!:)

I have almost all of those catalogs, Liz! :)

can i have them i only have 1

I have been collecting catalogs since 200 but there are some of those I don't have...weird. You have a lot! :)

Meant 2005 sorry! Not 200 of course! :)

hay liz wow that is a lot of catalogs i had a lot until my grandma took them and put them i in the trash ! lol !


Wow thats alot of catalogues to own!! I like pretending Sarah (My american girl doll, Kits new name) is reading my new Catalogue. But of course I have to read it first to make sure there are no inapropriate things in it ;).


I have alot of magazines to but I wanted to tell you my friend has an american girl doll and she says that it is an american girl doll from a long time ago and they retired her instead of archiving her but I think she got the doll from her sister so it must have been a long time ago her name was Jenny she was a historical doll (she says) I don't know if I believe her have you heard of her? When are you going to make another Kaya's adventure?? :)

i love American girl dolls but there so so much money!!

joy chinn,

duh they r alot of money


Liz, I can never figure out anything to do with my AG dolls. I really want another one but i'm afraid i'll never play with it!
Please help!-Caddy

how do u sign up so i mite win the out fit ur given away ?

I have six american girl dolls and alot of outfts and excessories (i'm a bad speller) and when you order online they give you free one, and i allways take two at the stores, I love them, so do my dolls!


Do you give out those catalogs? I'd like to have one. I only have an old one from 1999 (no kidding!) but now I'm bored with it and I'd like to know more.

Hi Ashley!

Thanks for commenting!! :)

I haven't given out American Girl Catalogs before, but I get lots of extra catalogs all the time! I would be happy to send you a few! You can email me at with your address or wherever you want me to send them. Be sure to get your parent's permisson about it though if your under 18.

Can't wait to hear from you! :)


my mom recycles them but the other bad part is i have to share them with my sister

I think i have been collecting catalogs since 2005 too because some of them look familiar.My dad made me throw them away.):

I have a at least six catalogs to sell and ship; please post and let me know if you are interested.

Hi Liz.I have one catalog of American girl dolls. Do you give out catalogs?I would like to get some catalogs because I am a big American girl fan(I have five dolls).Why I can't get catalogs from the stores?I live in Europe and they don't sell them there.I get all my dolls and other stuff online.I would like to get catalogs so at least try.
Your pal

Ooooooooo I have to have all those!!!! U selling them???

all man i only have like to. sense my mom threw half in the trash! can you belive it ):

how many do you have. i have one question 4 u can u still buy them??

omgoodness! that's A LOT of catalogs! I just got a new one today! i love it! i'm saving for The Carmel-haired just like you doll!! :)

WOW Liz! You have A LOT! Ican't imagine how many you must have now! LOL!

wow thats alot of magazines

LOL Jalcynn!


Help! I recently was given two american girl dolls, one is Nellie, and I love her. The second looks to be the doll on the cover of the 2008 Holiday Catalog with the gold seguin dress on. She in fact is wearing that dress. I was told that she is not a JLY doll, but i cannot identify her. Can you help me?

I have gotten AG catalogs since Nov/Dec 2010.I was 5 then.I fell in love!I can`t wait for the 2014 GOTY and the new MAG meet outfit!Can you please update the Mag. and catalog pages?That would be awsome.

I`m sad Saige is leaving,Norah

will you show us the insides


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