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Yum! I'll have to try some of those soon!

Yum! This is an awesome page! I'm going to try Addy's recipe.

Do you have the meatloaf recipe from one of the American Girls Cookbooks? I can't remember which girl it's from and I can't find it.

Wow these are awesome! I really want to try kit's checkerboard sandwiches.

They look yummy! I'll have to make some!:)

That is so cool!I want to make one of those tasty treats soon!

Hey Liz,
Have you made any of the recipes yet?

hiiii it is sooo kool!!!

I made Kit's Banana Cake for Easter!!!:)

do you have any julie recipies?

i made josifinas cookies, i dont like the flavor of anise sead (tasts like black licorice) so i put cinnimon in instead! yum!

Kit's recipe looks delicious I might try it. By the way Liz what is the book called?

Those recipes are delicious!I made the
Kaya recipe and I loved it!Keep it up!


american girl dolls are kind of chuckyish but the mag is cool

You need to make the pictures owned by american girl.

i love your name alexis thats my name but i go by lex

I want to try Addy's recipe! It looks SO yummy! :)

I love Samntha's recipe

I want to make Addy's, Kirsten's, Felicity's and Kit's!
I made Josefina's...I was learning about New Mexico in history. My mom hates black licorice too so we threw out the dough

Those recipes look really cool! Kirsten's looks the best but Molly's looks really yummy too!

I think it would be really cute if you had Nellie and Abbey make one of those recipes! :)

That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! My mom and I will have to try and make some of them. Do you have any for Rebecca. or would it be the same as Samantha because of the time period?

I could not be happier... when i was a child i have Samantha's cookbook and Kirstens but i lost them when i moved when i was 10 years old.. i am now 26 and enjoy cooking with my son... these recipes are so simple and easy we really enjoy making them.

Melly and Lil' Dom

My daughter is now 23 years old, and when she was younger, we bought her all of the American Girl books, dolls, clothes, etc. One of the dolls had a book with a delicious recipe for Potatoe Soup in it but I can't find the book. Could you please provide me with the recipe, or tell me how I can go about getting it?

awesome!!! :)

When my daughter turned 10 years old, we had a tea party. We made flower cookies from a recipe in an American Girl cookbook. They had marshmallow petals. Would you be able to provide the recipe for me, or tell me where I could find the recipe?

I love the recipes!!

Those are so cool! I hope to try some soon!

i'm going to try those bizcochitos they sound delious

Can you PLEASE do the Pancake Milkshake recipe!? Im dieing for one of those shakes! My sister used to make them for me from the magazine.I don't think it was a toy doll food that you can really make, I think it was just a fun recipe from the magazine.PLEASE HELP ME FIND IT!btw those recipes look awesome I'll have to try some.


Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Mmmmmmm.. that Kaya mix looks DLICIOUS!

That's pretty cool!

Mmm.. where can I get this? It is prob retired, but is it on Amazon or something? It looks SO good, I think I'll start a AG Recipe(like cooking studio, recipe tin, etc.) collection, it will be DELICIOUS because I love to cook(Even if I don't love to eat it(:HaHa!)

Jamie Cox- I'm not Liz but I searched and Kirsten's Cookbook might be your answer:
Diana Chippeaux-I'm not sure, but if you're sure it's a AG book, you could Google and I'll look too because I'm curious, and would love to make it, too. This isn't AG but it might be a similar recipe: Tell me if it is or isn't similar enough on my site.
If you would like to have me help find a recipe, I'd be glad to help.... If I find it I'll tell you, and post it on AG Bookworm. (:

Well, it's not a recipe, it's how to make marshmallow petals.

Soon on my site I'll create 'AmericanGirlRecipe' and find recipes to enjoy, when you would like some, I'll try to find them. About now, I'll try to get this tin!

I am looking for the recipe oc the cookies on a stick with the miniture candy inside and the marshmallow petals. I use to make these with my daughters and know they would like the recipe.

Wow! Must make some. 'specially those delectable-looking Walnut and Cream cheese sandwhiches.


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