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ooohh! Cool! I love this hairstyle! I will have to try it sometime! Thanks!

Do you have a good hairstyle for light skin, blue eyes and short blond hair?

i just wanted to say my 6 year old daughter loves to see all of your dolls fixed up and set up.. she always wants me to check and see if you have new updates with new exciting things you and your dolls have done. Beautiful site :)

Hey I love your pony tail twist style. But I can't figure out how to do it. Could you please post how.

Hi and thanks AG fan for posting a comment! :)

I will try to post on how to do it. :)I am going to make a page on a whole bunch of hairstyles I love to do on my dolls soon. Probably by the new year. :)

Thanks so much for commenting and I will try to post about it soon! :)

~Liz (An American Girl Fan)

That punk rocker hairstyle really rockz!(: it worked great on all of my dolls (I have all the historacal ones and more)- Ruthie, Kit, Felicity, Molly, Emiley, Elizabeth, Kaya, Julie, Ivy,Addy,Kirsten, Josefina, Mia, Kailey, jess, nicki,lindsey,marisol, alli(Just like you),gigi(just like you), and kara (just like you)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the ponytail twist! it is so cute!

Neat! I hope to send in a hairstyle of mine too soon!!!!!!!

I was wondering if you have any cute hairstyles for Samantha? Koda

I got a Samantha doll and a bitty baby for Christmas. What did you get for Christmas? I also got Samantha's pajamas and robe and slippers plus a hair care kit. for my bitty baby I got a snowflake snowsuit.

i love youre website it rocks! The activities too try are awesome!

How do you do the Ponytail Twists? Koda

Hey Liz!!!!
I took a picture of a doll hair style and I will send it in soon!:)

Hey, Koda, if u r wondering a hairstyle for Samanta, look above. I sent one in on her. ~Bailey

I tried the ponytail twists on my Mia and it is fantabulous looking!

I sent you a picture Liz but you didn'y post it.

Wow! Those are so cute! Do you know how much they cost at the Doll Hair Salon to redo a Historical Characters hair?

Yes I heard it was like $10.00 for one braid!

I have that same pink outfit that Mia is wearing!:)

Hey!Yeah I sent you a picture too and it didn't post yet. :(

Hi I love poney tail twists! Did you make that? It said Liz from Kentuckey. I LOVE you website, do you think AG should update? I do. My mom said that hairstyle she did that to me!
PS: I changed my nick name for the site from Haley to Sweetie

Hey Liz! I haven't commented in a while, so I thought I would! :D I have a suggestion for you too! I think you should post pictures of your doll's room! I'd love to see it! Hope to hear back from you, Holly ;)

Is it okay if I put baby bows on the ponytail twists just like Mia's?

Hey Liz,
Would it be okay if I sent in a photo of a hairstyle I made by myself, that isn't my favorite?

Hey Liz,
I sent you a photo of a hairstyle that I made up on Julie. Do you like it? Did you get it?

Cool style, Holly!

Thanks for posting my photo, Liz!

Cute styles Quinlyn and Holly!!:)

i love the super braid expected i cant put it on kit and i only have her because my family can't afford things

Hey Savanna,
You did a nice job! And how did you do that setting?

I need some tips on this situation: I have two dolls with textured hair (Josefina and Addy), and their hair is a HORRID, TERRIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE MESS! I have a doll hairbrush, but their hair is practically impossible to brush. Any tips?

Hey Lindsey,
If your doll's hair is that bad, then you might need to send her to the doll hospital to get re-wigged. Bye!

Yes you may need to send her to the doll hospital, but before you do that, wet it first, brush the ends gently too. Work from bottom to top. Also I tried putting just a tiny bit of shampoo on an AG doll's hair and it came out very soft and nice smelling! It didn't mess it up at all.
If you do this, be sure to wrap your doll up carefully in a towel and don't rub it in or put it all over her head.:)Hope this helps! has some cool doll hair tips too!:)

Hi Lindsey,

Both Quinlyn and Anne gave some great tips! :)

Another tip I have is that you might want to buy a Sparkly Hair Pick from American Girl. I only use a pick on my Addy doll, because she has textured hair.

I hope this helps you! :)


Thanks Quinlyn! Thanks Anne! I haven't been on in sooo long! :( But I'm back! :D

Hey Holly,
Do you like the style I sent in on Julie?

Your welcome Holly!

Hey Anne,
Are you going to send in a hairstyle?

Cool. I have julie so I should try the hair style that was on Julie.

thanks for the styles

Yes I will, Quinlyn, once my sister can send me it to my email. I took a picture of a beautiful hair style that I just randomly came up with on Felicity.:)

Hey Anne,
Great! :) My style on Julie is basically a braided version of the ponytail veil! :)

Cool!! Have you ever seen the American Girl doll hair tips movie?:)

Hey Anne,
Yeah! :) I got it 2 years ago for Christmas! :) It came in a set with a brush, hair stuff, and the book! :)

Ooh, I love all of those hairstyles- especially the Diamond Back =).

Hey Abbie!
Thanks! :) I made it up myself! :)

You are welcome =D!

Abbie, that is my Mia doll that I'm always talking about on the OUR DOLLS message board! She's wearing pig tails in the photo.

Hey Quinlyn! I hung a blanket on the end of my bed then put some pillows around it on the floor. Licorice also just wanted to hop in on the photo too! LOL!

Hey Savanna,
Thanks for telling me! :)

Your welcome! It's super easy to do!

How do you get Mia's ponytails so even? I cant get them even =O!

Hey Abbie!
I did that style on Julie once, too! :) (Only it was to curl her hair) :) It's a great style!

Thank you, Quinlyn! I like the diamond back a lot too =). I hope Laura's hair does curl =D!

It might if you leave it in for a while! :)

Ummmmmmmmm, I don't know how I got her hair so even! I just practice a LOT! I also want to work for AG and be a hairstylist for the online pictures and stuff! I'm trying to figure out how to do a basketweave braid.

Hey Savanna,
Yeah, AG should tell us how to do that braid! I have never done it but it might be HARD!

Yea, I agree Quinlyn. I'm always up for a hairstyle challenge though! Lol! AG should put the basketweave braid in their doll hair book!

Liz-How do I send you my photos? I want to send you some photos of my dolls with their hair done up and stuff. I'm not very good at stuff like that.

Katie (who did the Super Braid on Nellie) how did you do that with Nellie's hair? I find my Nellie's hair too short to do much with.

I am so excited for my new doll (who still has not arrived :(

Emma- you can email you picture as an attachment to Liz at

I find that Nellie's hair is easy to do in that style but that's just me.

Did that take a long time, Abbie?

Hey Anne,
I did that before and it took a little while. :)

Hey Abbie,
I have photos before and after I curled Julie's hair with the braids on my Picasa albums. Take a look! :)

I will. That sounds cool =D!

Anne, no, that hairstyle isn't too hard, but it gets boring braiding each sections of hair...

Hey Abbie,
Thanks! I have lots of photos on there. Be sure to check back often! :)

You're welcome. I really enjoyed looking at them =D!

I sent you a picture Liz!!!

Thank you for posting my picture Liz!:)
Have a good day!:)

All of these hair styles are very pretty!:)

Ooh! Pretty style, Anne! :D

Thank you very much Quinlyn!:)

Your welcome! :D Hey, have you ever thought of posting photo stories on the message board? Felcity could go to a ball and wear that hairstyle! :D

Hey! Can........I send a hairstyle in? (that I made up?it's awesome!) I'll even send how to do it! I did it on my doll Felicity, for the ball! You can e-mail me @ for it, if you want.

Oh yes, I have thought of doing a photo story.:) Yeah I have thought of her going to the ball in that hairstyle.:) Good idea about the ball photostory.:) I'm not sure I had thought about it before.:) I do like pretending that she goes to the ball though!:) I'll see if I can do that!
Thanks for the suggestion!:)

wow how cool my dolls hair looks so much better now

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