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Cool! I have had a subscription from Jan./Feb. 2006 to today and I bought a binch of magazines off ebay, from 1996 to 2003. AG magazine really has changed. I love it!

Also, this is kind of random, but on (a great site) I found out the Girl of the Year 2009 is named Chrissa, and she will have a movie called "Chrissa Stands Strong" starring Sammi Hanratty. I was so excited!

Whoops, I meant a "bunch" not a "binch" of magazines!

Cool! I think I have all of the magazines you posted in the pictures! I love American Girl Magazine! :D

Do you have the ag mag with Shea Megale in it? That’s my fave.

Your average Australian girl

Hey, Liz!
I keep ALL of my AG magazines and catalogs, and im running out of room!
I love ur website!(ok, this is the first time i ever saw it, but,i still love it!)

Do u know anything about the AG oll of 09?

Hey Liz! I have lots of AG mags too!! Do you know of any other great AG sites? I love yours! It's awesome!!

Hi Anne! :)

Thanks so much for all the comments and for visiting my website! :)

Yes, I do know many great AG sites. I have many that I made a page all for great doll sites. The page is called "Other doll website links" and is located on my right sidebar with my other page links.

I am glad you like my site, Thanks! :)

Have a Great day! :)


Hey Liz!
Thanks! Keep having fun with your dolls!

Hey Liz!!!!!!
Did you get your next issue of American Girl magazine yet? I didn't and it usually comes by now. So I was just wondering.:)

Hi Anne! :)

Yes, I just got my January/Febuary 2009 issue in the mail today! I hope you get yours soon! :)

Have a Great day! :)


Hey Liz!
A few hours later I also recieved my American Girl magazine! LOL! I guess it just took a little more time this month!:)

I must say - I'm super impressed! I got the September/October 2004 one from my library. I also have every magazine from 2006 to present. I love the magazines! But, I'm sad they took away the "Lunch Box" and where they interviewed the girl on the cover. I really enjoyed that.

Thanks for your information. Most of the posts in the blog is really valuable. Regards

Hi Liz...
I don't have a subscription to AG magazine, but I have been buying the issues in stores since the March-April 2008 one. So, when the next issue comes out, I will have been getting it for one whole year! :)

P.S. Where did you find the chair that Mia is sitting in?

Awww, I so wish I had my old issues from when I subscribed in the '90s. I'd send them to you for your collection. I loved that magazine! They had this penpal program and I wrote to girls from Massachusetts and a couple of other states. I'm 22 now and really glad to see it's still got the same spirit.

Quinlyn-I got the blow-up chair Mia is sitting on as a Prize for an AR Program at my Public school, before I was homeschooled. I was happy to see that it fits as a chair for my dolls! :)

Kati-Thanks so much! I didn't know they used to have a pen-pal program that's really cool! :)

Thanks to both of you,

Hi Liz...
I just found that you answered my question about the chair. Thanks! I'm sorry I asked you again! :) Bye!


That's ok! :)


Hey Liz,
In my July/August issue of AG magazine, I got this huge poster for the Kit movie. Did you get it? Bye!

I got it!:)

Hey Anne, Did you hang up your poster? I didn't! :)

Yes but it took me a few months to get that and the rest up! (LOL)

:) Anne, are you going to do anything with your dolls for Valentine's Day?

Yep they are going to get "chocolate" and they will have a party! I might also take some pictures! Are you?:)

Well, my little brother and had our dolls pick names and they are going to get gifts for eachother.

Hey Anne, what are your dolls going to wear for Valentine's Day? Kirsten is either going to wear her meet dress with red ribbons or her Saint Lucia gown. Julie might wear a pink tee from my Doll Tees kit.

Well Felcity is going to wear Nellie's Spring Outfit! Kirsten is going to wear a red skirt and a pink shirt! Ruthie is going to wear Kit's red dress! They will all have red ribbons in their hair too!:)

I am also reading the "All Creatures Great and Small" book by James Herriot, and I love it. Have you read that book?

I don't think so have you ever read the Mandie Mysteries?

No, I haven't. I have read some of a Nancy Drew mystery.

Me too I am watching the movie tonight!

my family and I are going to watch a new movie on Hallmark channel. Do you ever watch that channel?

I don't get that channel. But I think I've seen stuff they had on it!:)

Hey, do you ever watch Little House on the Prairie? I love that show! :)

Oh I love that show! It's one of my favorites! I think I've seen all of seasons 1-7!:)


Are you watching anything tonight, Anne? My family and I are going to watch the second disc of the mini series of Little Women

I watched 17 kids and counting a little while ago:)

Oh, I have seen a bit of that show. I don't really care to see any more, though. :) Hey, have you ever seen Jon and Kate plus 8?

Hey Anne,
Well, my dolls and my little brother's re-drew names for Valentine's Day gifts. And we put a red bin upstairs, with a sign that I made. The gifts go in there. There are 2 gifts in there right now.

I love Jon and Kate plus eight!! I am obsessed with that and of course American Girl! That's really cool what you did with Valentine's Day gifts! I am makind a banner for my dolls!:)

Do you like the Princess Diaries movies? I do! I just watched the second one today.

Yes I do I own both of them! I think they should make a third one!:)

Neat! Did you know that in the second one, Abigail Breslin plays a minor role?

Yeah I figured that out it was really cool!:)

Today, my little brother and I did a photo thing with our dolls. It was them finding out if Kirsten's cats clean out the milk pail! And before that, yesterday, mostly I did one about Kirsten and Julie going to the library. In 3 of the pictures, Kirsten stood on Julie's shoulders to reach the second shelf of books! And then Julie lied on the floor while Kirsten looked at the first shelf of books. :) Over all, it was a pretty good! Do you ever do that with your dolls?

I do take pictures of my dolls! I have taken them cooking, smiling with me on Christmas, getting presents, and also in their new outfits, and many other ones too!:)

Ok! I am watching the Charlie Brown Valentines one. Do you ever watch Charlie Brown?

I have seen that before its cute:)

Do you have any of the Girls of Many Lands dolls from American Girl? I have 3, Isabel, Neela, and Spring Pearl.

Hey Anne...
What's your favorite food? Mine is spaghetti! I also like chilli with noodles.

I don't have any of the dolls but I have the Cecil book and currently reading Isabel! My favorite food would have to be Home made macaroni and cheese!:)

Isabel is a good one. I also like Neela's book. Are you planning on getting another AG doll? I might want to get Rebecca when she comes out.

Hey Anne,
Have you seen the Little Women movie with June Allyson in it? It is color. It is my favorite version! :)

Yes I am planning to get Emily and Chrissa!:)

I think so! Have you seen the one with Winona Ryder? Thats my favorite!:)

No, I have not seen that version. I like Emily, too! :) Have you read the book Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm? I got it for my birthday, and I have read some, but I have not finished it.

Hey Anne,
What is your fav color? Mine is pink, and my room is painted pink.

Hey Anne,
Do you like the Disney movie "Mulan"? I love it! :)

I don't think I have read that book but I would like to! I have seen the movie though! My favorite color is also pink and my room is an explosion of pink only it is painted white. I don't think I have seen Mulan. But I'm going to get it at the library!

It's pretty funny! LOL :)

P.S. Tell me when you see it and how you like it! :)

Ok I will!:)

Hey Anne, have you ever seen any of the Air Buddies movies? My little brother and I have seen every one accept the newest one, which we might watch tonight! :)

Yes I have!:)

How many have you seen?

I saw the first one.:)

Ok! Hey, I got this wonderful book for Valentine's Day! It's so nice! :)

That is sooo cool!:)

I started getting this magazine in 2003, but since I will turn 14 next month, my mom will not renew my subscription. I really like the magazine, though!

Hey Quinlyn'
Have you ever seen Road to Avonlea? It is a lot like Anne of Green Gables.:)

No, I haven't. Is it good?

Yes it is really good!:)

Ok, I will have to look it at.

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